Roll to the tee - Trolley Guarantee

There’s something truly special about playing with an electric trolley. They’re incredibly easy to transport and set up, and they can give you all sorts of accurate GPS data so you know exactly how far away the hole is. Plus, they’ll carry all your gear so you can say goodbye to any potential back pain!

We want you to experience how much more fun and straightforward golf is when you head out with a trolley, so we’ve devised a 6-step trolley guarantee:

Our roll to the tee, trolley guarantee!

✅ Promise 1 - Extensive Choice
We can get you any trolley from the leading suppliers - just let us know which one you want. Browse our electric trolley range here.

✅ Promise 2 - Competitive Pricing
Our Price Match Promise guarantees that our prices are highly competitive with those that you’ll find anywhere else!

✅ Promise 3 - Expert Demonstration
We appreciate that getting your hands on new gear can be confusing, so we’ll show you all the trolley’s features, including how to unfold it and fold it again, as well as all the features it has and how they work.

✅ Promise 4 - Free Set-up
We’ll help set-up your trolley so you can quickly get up and running with your new gear.

✅ Promise 5 - Hassle-free Return
If something should go wrong, drop your trolley back to us and we’ll take care of it for you.

✅ Promise 6 - Never Without A Trolley
Whilst your trolley is being repaired, enjoy FREE use of our rental fleet each time you play.

As you can see, we’ve covered all areas of trolley purchase. From sourcing the product to a demonstration, right the way through to continued after-sales care, we have every faith you’ll love playing with one of the latest electric trolleys.

If you have any questions about electric trolleys and think you might be in need of giving one a go, please find us in the pro shop as we’d be happy to help.


  • Never without a trolley - Electric or manual trolley provided (subject to availability)

Price Match Promise Terms:

  • We Price Match against any authorised stockist/golf retailer within the United Kingdom.
  • Prices must be publicly available to price match.
  • The competitor’s product must be identical/like-for-like match.
  • The item matched must be available for sale and in stock.
  • We do not price match from Marketplace websites such as Amazon or eBay, factory outlets,
    home shopping networks, clearance sites or goods which are being liquidated by another
  • We do not price match against second-hand goods.
  • When the price comes with conditions, i.e. membership.
  • Competitors delivery cost will be taken into account when price matching.
  • We reserve the right to decline any price match.
  • We reserve the right to withdraw our price match promise at any time without prior notice.

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